About Us

When Carol adopted Raskel, she knew that he had been in multiple homes before he came to her. She also knew that he would require a patient home. What she didn't know then is how much he would change both of their lives. Carol took the time to work with Raskel and through all of their time and dedication to one another, a very special bond formed. They were meant to be together and their lives were so much better after finding one another. Raskel's Rescue is Carol's tribute to Raskel and the many dogs like him who just haven't found their person yet. 

We are located at 11642 Speedway Blvd, Hardeeville SC 29927

Our phone number is: 843-784-7900

You can email us at raskelsrescue@gmail.com

Our  hours of operation are: Monday Closed

                                                              Tuesday Closed

                                                              Wednesday Closed

                                                              Thursday 12pm-5pm

                                                              Friday 12pm-5pm

                                                               Saturday 12pm-5pm

                                                               Sunday 12pm-5pm

We are closed to the public on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day

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