Who are we and where do our animals come from? Raskel's Rescue is a non profit limited admissions animal shelter. What does this mean? Well, we are a private non profit organization that is not affiliated with a government agency or animal control. As a private animal shelter, we are not required to take in stray animals or snimals being surrendered by their owners. All stray animals are legally to be reported to the animal control agency for the municipality in which they were found. Instead of taking in stray animals, we aim to pull our animals from municipal shelters who are full to help alleviate some of the stress and space constraints that they are under and to give the animals a second chance that they may not have had otherwise. 

What types of animals do you care for? Until our shelter opens, we are strictly foster based and can accommodate only what we have foster homes for. At this time, this includes mostly dogs and cats. Once our shelter opens, we will continue to be a predominantly dog and cat shelter, but as we grow, we may start to take in other animals. 

Does Raskel's Rescue accept all dog breeds? At Raskel's Rescue, we believe that all dogs are individuals regardless of breed or appearance. We do not discriminate against any dog based on breed or appearance and therefore we are an all breed rescue. 

Is Raskel's Rescue a "No KIll" shelter? Raskel's Rescue does fit the model of a "No Kill" shelter, which means that 90% or more of the animals that we bring in to our facility are sent back out into the community. That being said, Raskel's Rescue does operate a hospice facility. We do this because there are so many senior and/or disabled animals that open shelters each year and we would like to give them a cozy place to live out their days. When these animals get to a point where their quality of life is poor and they are suffering, we we feel that the most compassionate thing to do it alleviate their suffering and have them humanely euthanized. In addition to hospice care , we also feel as though we have a responsibility to the community. Though we are diligent about choosing the dogs that we bring into our adoption program, there will be times that, despite our best efforts, an animal will show aggression. We do have training on site and will do all we can to work with these animals. however, if we our team feels that an animal is too aggressive to adopt out and will be a danger to the community, that animal will be euthanized as a last resort. 

How long do you keep animals at your facility? As long as it takes! The animals of Raskel's Rescue are welcome to stay as long as it takes for them to find their forever homes. 

Does Raskel's Rescue take in Wildlife? No. At this time, we do not have a certified wildlife rehabilitator on staff and are not licensed to take in wildlife.